Monday, May 19, 2008

Horsetail Falls

On Saturday Ty and I went up to Lone Peak Wilderness area and hiked into Horsetail Falls. It was one of the prettiest falls I have seen, especially right now with so much water coming off the mountains. It was a beautiful day to be out hiking.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Springtime in the Desert

Last week we went down south to visit Bri, Alina and the boys. After driving through a complete whiteout in Spanish Fork Canyon it turned out to be a very nice weekend. We Climbed on Potash Friday, Hiked up Mill Creek Friday evening and went Backpacking Saturday and Sunday. While Bri, River and I went Backpacking the girls even found time to watch 8 hours of Pride and Prejudice and 4 hours of Wives and Daughters. I was really sad that I missed 8 hours of Mr. Darci.

Kell and Bre climbing above Potash.

Brian, River and I headed down to Cedar Mesa on saturday and sunday. We went down Bullet Canyon to the Confluence of Grand Gulch.

This is at the Perfect Kiva Ruin which was found in near perfect condition in the late 1800's. They have since stabalized the roof so you can go inside. Kiva's are thought to have been used by the Anasazi's for spirtual or religous ceremonies. It is amazing to think of the work that went into building these structures.