Tuesday, January 5, 2010

10 Reasons Why We Are Horrible Bloggers

10. Student teaching pretty much took up all of my time from September through December. Glad it's done and done.
9. Ty is ridiculously devoted to school and didn't get out much. He also monopolized the computer and I rarely had a chance to use it, other than to QUICKLY check my email. It really wasn't fair, now that I think about it.

8. We lost our camera. Posts without pictures just aren't as exciting. Face it, they're not.
7. The holidays. Chaotic, fun, crazy busy, and slightly relaxing. Not much time for blogging though.
6. Work, well not really since I'm only working 15 hours a week right now. I'm not sure what happens the rest of the week, but it seems to fly by.
5. A preoccupation with Criminal Minds. It's on for 3 hours straight every night and it has turned into an unhealthy addiction. In fact, it gives me nightmares and makes me scared to walk downstairs by myself.
4. I wish I could say it was because I was training for another half marathon, but that's definitely not it since I haven't been running for months. I was just feeling really guilty while looking at the previous post. Dang. I guess that's my New Year's resolution.
3. Nothing exciting has happened in our lives. Really. We are quite boring as of late. We did find a new apartment in Sandy, so that is fun I guess. Maybe that will be my next post...assuming we find our camera in the move.
2. We have been busy trying to make decisions, just in general. We can't make decisions. Unless they are planned out and made in advance. We suck at making last minute decisions. Like tonight we spent 4 hours trying to decide if we should fly to California in the morning. Don't ask. Just know that I wanted to poke my eyes out. And we didn't end up going. Sometimes I wonder if we should really be considered adults. We struggle sometimes, but at least we struggle together, right?
1. Pure laziness is what has really driven me to become a really crappy blogger. I can't believe you people who blog multiple times a week! I am simply too lazy. That's it. Lazy.

Anyways, happy late holidays to those of you that still take the time to check our rarely updated blog, and who take the time to read a boring post with no pictures. Sorry. Hopefully more to come sooner rather than later. :)