Tuesday, February 19, 2008





Monday, February 11, 2008

The 'F' Word

First story... On Friday night we went to visit baby Everett, on Saturday Miranda makes pregnancy comment on blog, Saturday night we went to see Juno, which is about a girl who gets pregnant... Moral of the story is, when we got home Tyler was in a panic and made me take a pregnancy test and we would just like to announce that we are NOT expecting! :)

Second story... I'm on this new kick about women's rights due to my Literature by Women class so I wanted to share this article with everyone. My teacher gave it to us today and I thought it was so TRUE! It was published in the Salt Lake Tribune last week. So read on and find out if you could describe yourself with the dreaded 'F' word...Feminist.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Last Saturday we went and saw the newest addition to the Murdock family, Everett Creed Murdock. He is so adorable and sweet. Maren and Hatee couldn't get enough of him.
On our way back from Salt Lake, the girls decided to plan a little party and so Maren and Hatee came over and we made brownies, valentines, learned the oompa loompa dance, did pull-ups on our way cool bar, and much more. It was quite the party, although somehow Ty ended up asleep in our bedroom. I guess he didn't find it as exciting as the girls did.

On Sunday we went to my mom's and had a raging Superbowl party with lots and lots of food.