Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Me listening to a conversation between three junior high kids at lunch today...

A bus pulls up to the gas station. The kids see it out the window.
Girl 1 - I want to be a bus driver. Ya know, like, a cool one. You could play, like, cool music and stuff.
Girl 2 - What? Why?
Girl 1 - Do you know how much they make?! They only work four hours a day and get paid for six!
Girl 2 - What would you do for the rest of the day if you're only working four hours?
Girl 1 - I don't know, like, go shopping or something.
Girl 2 - Why would you be a bus driver if you could be a doctor or something?
Girl 1 - No way! That takes way to much time, and, like, money.
Boy 1 - Where's our food?

(And, yes Kell, the exclamation points are very necessary in this conversation.)

Moral of the story: Why am I wasting all this time and money to get a degree when I could be a bus driver? Hmmm...