Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Am Thankful For..

1. Tyler - I'm thankful to be married to such an amazing person. I could go on and on, but that gets annoying.
2. The Gospel
3. Our awesome families - we are so lucky to have amazing families who we love to be with.
4. Sonic Diet Coke with real cherries and limes (yes, it is this high on my list)
5. Our jobs and great employers who are flexible with our crazy schedules.
6. My education
7. This country and the freedoms that we enjoy.
8. Chocolate and Salt - not together, but two of my favorite things.
9. A great landlord and a warm place to sleep at night.
10. All of the little things we enjoy each day that get taken for granted.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Me Being Patriotic

Patriotism... this word has taken on so many different (and strange) meanings in the last few years. What makes me patriotic? I don't fly an American flag from my car, I don't have American flags hanging from my ears, my husband doesn't sing Toby Keith's "I'll put a boot in your ass..." at the top of his lungs. (I can't even finish the lyrics because they are so ridiculous.) So are we patriotic?

I was thinking about the different ways people support the country and I believe the number one way we can do what's best for this country is by letting our voices be heard tomorrow, election day. Tyler and I voted early this year and it made me think about how involved we have become in this election. We researched the candidates, found out the FACTS (which can be hard to do) and we really made educated decisions when it came to most of the candidates. I'm proud to say that I made a contribution to the future of our country, especially in this scary time of uncertainty and doubt with many of the issues we are being faced with today. I'm feeling very patriotic, although I may not look the part. No matter which candidates you support, tomorrow is the day to let your voice be heard. I know you'll make the right choice. (right Bob and Mom?) Just remember, "Yes we can."

Another funny political comment for the day... my little brother, Mike, text me this today "my friends are bashing Obama, I need some good stuff to argue about him." His friend said that "there is no good reason to vote for Obama." I would definitely beg to differ, but like I told Mike, that can be his opinion but obviously there must be SOMETHING good about him since he's made it this far in the race. You need to research those issues that are important to you and decide for yourself. Funny how we can see things so one-sided and not think twice about it. Moral of the story: Be open to others opinions and look at both sides of the argument.