Monday, July 20, 2009

And just one more...

I know everyone is probably sick of our Middle Fork pics, but I had to put this one on too because I love the faces that everyone is making. Ash and Mike look like twins and I love it. Thanks for the picture Nate.

Oh, and just for the record, I was not screaming like a mad woman when I caught that fish. I was just really excited. Anyone who knows Tyler knows he exaggerates a little, or a lot. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Pictures

Looking down into Impassable Canyon from Elk Bar, our last nights camp.

River with his frog.

Elk Bar

Our last night on the river Bre took my fly rod down the river and about ten minutes later I could hear her screaming like she was being attacked by a bear, I guess catching your first fish on a fly rod will make you scream. I am still not sure whether the scream was fear or excitement?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Middle Fork of The Salmon

We just returned home from a week on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. My family did this river in 2003 and have since had a six year drought on drawing permits until this year, apparently Ashli has been doing something right. The Idaho Fly Fishing guide book says "If God were to set out to design the perfect river for wilderness trips, he'd make sure there were series after series of exciting but negotiable rapids and falls, schools of trout waiting to take the first fly they see, and hot springs all along the route in which to soak at the end of a hard day. That describes the Middle Fork perfectly." I don't think there is any place on earth that I would rather be than floating, fishing, sitting in hot springs, eating and relaxing on the Middle Fork.

The Confluence of Loon Creek and the Middle Fork.

Throwing dry flies at some West Slope Cutthroats.

Sunflower Hot Springs pour over a rock ledge right next to the river providing a perfect shower.

Trail Flat hot spring provided a nice warm break on a cool first day.

Running Lake Creek Rapid, this newly formed
rapid shows how the river is constantly evolving.