Thursday, July 22, 2010


This morning Tyler and I woke up to the sound of a little boy laughing and something wet being sprayed on our tent.

Tyler: "Micah is peeing on our tent." (He opens the tent door) "Micah that's not funny!"
Micah: "Ya it is funny TyTy." (laughing hysterically and continuing to pee on our tent)
Tyler: "No, it's not funny! You are going to have to go to time out!"
Micah: "Ya it is funny! And TyTy will go to time out." (still laughing his head off)
Tyler (to me): "We are never having kids..."

Thank you Micah for this wake up call. What would we do without you?


Newty said...

Nate is probably the one that should be sent to time out. He taught him to do it and likely paid him for the performance. Oddly enough the verification word for me to be able to post this is phouse

miranda said...

I'm sorry. Ty better rethink his decision about having kids. You don't want to go to heaven and see empty chairs. :)

me said...

Whatever it takes to get you guys to update your damn blog!!

J. Melody said...

Too bad Everett wasn't there to pee in unison with Micah.