Friday, August 6, 2010

7 Month Snapshot

The following is my attempt at documenting the last 7 or so months. I know it's long, but what can you do?
January - I finally graduated after 7 long years of juggling work and school. Tyler started another semester of school and we moved into our new apartment in Sandy.
February - School, work, sleep, repeat. That's all.
March - A much needed Spring Break in Escalante.

April - I was offered a teaching job at Summit Academy in Draper teaching 8th grade English. I guess I'm a real grown up now. Ty finished up the semester with straight A's. We hung his report card on the fridge.
May - I continued working at the Center, but did find the time to take a week off for a river trip on the San Juan. We also spent a few days in Moab after the river trip and did a little hiking/canyoneering. Ty bummed around while his sugar mama worked for rent money. Oh and he also planted his vegetable garden.

June - I worked A LOT during this month. It was stressful, and I almost had a nervous breakdown. But in the end, I survived. I quit the Center after 8 years. It was exciting and sad all at the same time. I will miss many things about CFC, but I'm super excited to venture into the education field. Tyler worked on his online stats class and also kept up on the housework.
July - On July 1st we headed to Maui for 10 days with my fam. It was amazing. When we got back we realized that we were true bums and decided to do a little playing. We hiked Mount Nebo, we went camping (see the previous post), and we hung out with family. It was delightful.

Ty doing a little surfingThe summit of Mt. Nebo

We're holding back the tears at this point
Hiking to Hidden Lake in Albion Basin
A couple days later, we went back up to Hidden Lake and did a little car camping


McKell said...

Yay a mega post! I am glad I finally know where you have been. And I am glad I made the cut, I mean I spend enough time with you guys!

tiffy girl said...

you guys are awesome! yes, you have been busy. Great photos, come see us and our little peanut sometime:) luvs

Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

Glad you updated us! That second picture after the July update...the girl on the right. Is her name Nicki? She looks familiar...

J. Melody said...

Nice snaptshot post. I wish we had joined you on more family year we'll make the cut.

TyandBre said...

Mindy - Yes, that's my sister Nikki. How do you know her??

CKE said...

Bre!! You guys are all over the place! I'm so jealous you went to Hawaii! And Camping!! Definitely on my to do list. I'm glad you guys are doing great and you're being a good little sugar mamma for Ty. haha! kidding Ty...kind of. ;)

julie said...

You are one amazing blogger. Yes, I knew you would be amazed that I finally figured out how to comment on a blog!! I love you two!! Thanks for the wonderful garden this year I have enjoyed it

R.J. garn said...

can't seem to find the right spot to comment. this is R. J. garn. You mention my song Escalante, and it's nice to hear people are still out in the wilds singing the song. Glad you enjoy it.